A downloadable Demo for Windows

Work your way through an alien moon orbiting a gas giant to find the secrets of the monolith.  Solve puzzles and navigate rough obstacles to find the monoliths that will unlock powers within.  The monoliths have been there forever giving life to the land, but even when they crumble...  they're not done yet.

States of Matter:

Solid, Liquid, Gas   Make huge jumps and land with control as solid. Liquid can stick to certain surfaces and climb cliffs, and gas can help you reach new heights.  Use them together to get to the final monolith.

  • WASD for movement
  • Space to jump
  • RMB changes your view (Third Person to First Person perspective)
  • LMB changes your state of matter

Created by: Team Alf 

David "DonPunch" Gates - Level Design,  3D, FX

Jamie "GeeksGoneBad" Cunningham - Technical Artist

Andrej Schmitt - Sound Engineer ( https://andrej-schmitt.itch.io/ )

Athos Rodrigues - Programming

Ewan Bryant - 3D, UI


Matter of State Demo.rar 522 MB

Install instructions

unzip the file and open MatterOfState.exe

Development log


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I really really enjoyed this BUT the controls definitely needs tightening! There were a few moments when I was bounced off a ledge and I didn't always stick onto the sticky walls. The mountain at the end broke me! 


Claps Claps Team great work really good game. Level Design was impressive. The whole Project was very impressive. 

thank you!